RMS principal and counselor visit 5th grade

Ripley Middle Schools principal, Jon Melhorn, and counselor, Susan Jones, paid a visit to Fairplain 5th graders today.  The purpose of this visit was to help them transition from elementary school to middle school.  

The pair discussed many important things that the students need to know about the middle school as well as tried to help ease nervousness about the transition.  Some things they talked about were: teams, classroom location, activities, expectations, sports, classes, lockers, tours, and dress code. One of the most important topics covered was scheduling.  Your student will have choices in their schedule next year.   Look for a pink paper that lists the choices and look over that with your student.  Together make the choices that are best for your child.  Return this paper to school by April 13th.  It will be used to help schedule your child next school year.  

We are so happy that the Middle School  and Elementary School are able to work together to help your child prepare for this transition!